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Dominoes shapes

En un esfuerzo por recuperar los clásicos, este juego de dominó pretende introducir el razonamiento lógico y el entrenamiento de la memoria en la primera infancia. Al combinar colores y...
€42,92 €20,00
24 mesesELOU


Child upbringing is a balance between instilling rules and providing the right tools for children to pursue a world of opportunities by themselves. This game arises precisely from this premise:...
€26,80 €13,00
18 mesesELOU

Shapes 18

Toddlers are eager to learn. Thus, this toy is a simple and instinctive educational activity to introduce children to basic properties of simple geometric shapes and promote their motor development....
€53,66 €20,00
18 mesesELOU

Puzzle block

A multidimensional puzzle multiplied in four plans. Each face of the cubes corresponds to a predominant colour that is, in its turn, associated to a specific illustration. The combined organization...
€59,08 €25,00
18 mesesELOU


Ladybug is an unpretentious fitting toy whose main purpose it to stimulate the development of the child’s hand-eye coordination and motor skills. This toy is played by pushing the cork...
€27,00 €13,00
24 mesesELOU

Crayons 4

Painting and expressing thru drawing is always good for kids. The Elou Cork crayons are perfect to carry with you. A small cotton bag allows you to take the 4...
€21,45 €10,00
12 mesesELOU


Space will always be a good place to start an adventure. The UFO will always bring a good story to life and our UFO is the perfect toy to make...
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The truth is out there and we are going to find it out with Rocket. Playing with the imagination, Rocket stands out by its simple design and yet projects the...
18 mesesELOU

Sailing boat

Who said bath time should be dull and uneventful? Aiming to counter that, we have developed a full range of water resistant toys whose main purpose is to keep the...
€26,80 €12,00
12 mesesELOU

Racing car

Cars are probably one of the first toys children identify with. Toddlers tend to like anything they can roll over different surfaces and makes races while doing accelerating or breaking...
€21,44 €10,00
18 mesesELOU

3D Owl puzzle

One of the primary purposes of our games is to create a bond between children and nature. Thus, this animal-themed game uses the owl’s silhouette to teach children about its...
€37,55 €18,00
24 mesesELOU


Pebbles proposes a simple task: to stack up to five coloured pieces. However, that goal can only be achieved through a course of action ruled by patience, a keen sense...
€26,80 €13,00
18 mesesELOU

Block 12

Children explore the world through experimentation and love to shape it at their will. Hence, this colourful twelve-piece docking game encourages them to give wings to their imagination and use...
€59,08 €28,00
12 mesesELOU

jet plane

All aboard! Let’s move into the greatest transport of all: the Jet Plane! Flying is part of our imagination and kids take it serious. Made of cork and rubber, the...
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